About the salon

• About the salon
A beauty salon is much more than just a place where you can chat and leaf through fashion magazines and catalogs. A salon is a place that exists to bring near magical changes to your life- to turn the average woman into an irresistible Queen of beauty, desired by all. Such a salon exists, and it goes by the name of"Vigitalle."

We've already been on the market for 11 years. During that time, hundreds of people have been cured of health and appearance problems. But we do more than just make you beautiful and healthy, we can give you more confidence for the world outside, and make you stylish and cheerful! Our friendly and professional team, our comfortable atmosphere, and a mug of hot coffee or tea- we do all of this to provide you with the coziest little place in Moscow- a place where you can forget about the hustle and bustle outside, a place where you can treat yourself in a professional environment- the beauty salon "Vigitalle."

The "Vigitalle" beauty salon offers the following services:

Cosmetic services:
- Cosmetic face-care programs from the Spanish "Tegoder" line, NEW!
- Cosmetic face-care programs from the high-class, professional Maria Galland line (France);
- Oxygen mesotherapy using the BIO-OXYGEN device with Spanish Natura Bisse cosmetics;
- Ultrasonic facial cleansing; - 70% chemical peel. - Collagen cosmetic "3 P" - at-home care.

Services of the manicure and pedicure office:
- Manicure, SPA, aromatherapy;
- Pedicure, SPA, machine pedicure;
- Paraffin bath;
- Nail extension: gel, acrylic;
- Bioepilation, bikini design.
- NEW! Bio Sculpture gel (biogel)

Lose weight fast and forever:
- Figure correction with the BIO-OXYGEN machine – oxygen mesotherapy (removal of cellulite, excess weight, stretch marks);
- Figure correction using the Italian "TEI-sistem" machine;
- Anticellulite, general massage;
- Glycol peel for the torso;
- Yogurt, peat and chocolate body wraps.

The full spectrum of hairdressing services, the professionalism and inspired brilliance of our experts will turn your hair into a real-life miracle!
- The full spectrum of hairdressing services using "GOLDWELL" brand products;
- Long lasting straightening of wavy hair, producing a result that lasts a lifetime!
- Unique "Iner effect" brand hair care procedure- Hair extensions (Slavic and European hair);
- Haircuts, styling, exclusive coloring, Elumen, chemical perms, evening and wedding styles.

A professional tanning bed at your disposal:
- Vertical turbo tanning chamber;

A makeup artist at your service:
- Make-up;
- Make-up for daytime or night;
- Tattooing and permanent makeup.

The success of the salon is based on the constant development of our employees. Modern cosmetic equipment and the newest products, as well as experienced doctor-cosmetologists promises success and superior results.
Procedures in our VIP figure correction office help you lose weight, improve the shape of your body, increase muscle tone, cure cellulite and finally attain the figure of your dreams!
The "Vigitalle" beauty salon is the Place where beauty lives

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