Machine pedicure

Machine pedicure

A machine pedicure is the optimal solution for problem feet, because it allows us to painlessly cure typical foot problems, such as ingrown nails, corns, cracked heals, etc.

The machine pedicure is commonly called medical, because it is more than just a hygienic procedure for skin and nail care on the feet, but also can be used to treat the feet of a medical condition if it is needed.

It is based on the rejection of water, which allows us to promise a more gentle and thorough care, and guarantees absolute hygiene and safety. You can be confident that in our beauty salon you'll never catch an infection, such as foot fungus.

During a machine pedicure, together with foot baths, we use chemical softening agents, such as special creams and lotions which allow us to gently work the feet to remove cracks and corns, solve problems with ingrown or thickened nails, and many other things.

Thanks to the modern, quality machines, used by our experts, the procedure is not traumatic and is absolutely painless. During the course of a machine pedicure we completely remove the hard keratinous layer of the skin, corns and plantar callouses.

Before we begin this procedure, the skin of the feet is cleaned and disinfected using a special disinfecting agent, after which we apply the softening agent.

What can a machine pedicure in our beauty salon do?
During the course of the machine pedicure procedure, other than the removal of keratinous skin from the feet using special healing methods, we can change the shape of your nails, cure you from corns, cracks and excessive foot sweat, among other things. In addition, this kind of pedicure can cure you for a time from foot pains, given that it can perform a foot massage, paraffin therapy and other healthy procedures for foot care.

After we complete the machine pedicure, buildup of extra foot skin will go much slower, and the feet will maintain their care and more pleasant look for longer, in comparison with the classic pedicure.

If the condition of the foot is good, then only one machine pedicure every thirty days is needed to keep them pretty and well-groomed.

  • Prices: from 2400 rub
    The "Vigitalle" beauty salon (Metro Taganskaya (circle line), 6 B. Kamenshchiki ulitsa)

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