Classic pedicure

Classic pedicure

The classic pedicure is more than just an important aesthetic and hygienic procedure for foot care. It is known that the feet contain a very large number of nerve endings, which influence the working of the internal organs. This is why regular and thorough foot care is just as important an attribute of a healthy lifestyle as good nutrition or regular exercise.

Our beauty salon's pedicure specialists promise you a professional, classic manicure. What's more, they all have extensive work experience and are constantly going through additional consultations and courses to raise their professional qualifications. You can be confident that our specialists will be as courteous and careful as possible.

The most highly demanded service in our salon is the classic pedicure, which provides a professional way of handling the trimming of nails and feet. You can count on a footbath, the use of products for cuticle softening, special creams, and so forth.

Our classic pedicure experts will relieve you of hardened calluses, which are so often left by shoes, cracked nails, and uneven density of the nail itself, among other things.

Special cosmetics will balance the moisture content in your nails and skin, allowing you to be cured of unsightly growths. An important advantage of getting a pedicure in our beauty salon is the psychological factor. You do more than just bring your feet in order, but you begin to feel much more free and confident.
Stages of a classic pedicure:

The technique for carrying out a classic pedicure is almost completely identical to thatof a classic manicure. First you must carefully wash off the feet, then we apply a special scrub to the skin of your feet, helping to remove the dead skin cells. After this, we bathe your feet in warm water for 15-20 minutes, during which time we add to the bath aromatic oils, foaming substances, and other things.

While your legs are in the water, they are worked over by a special brush for removing the keratinous layer of the skin. Also used are nail files with fine and rough grain. Afterwards, the legs are completely dried off with a towel. The next step is nail care and shaping.

The nail on the big toe should be cut in stages as this avoids the splitting of the nail plate. In general, nails should be cut at an angle and rounded off to stop them from growing into the skin. The line of the nail itself should be straight. Afterward, the nails are worked over with a nail file. In the classic pedicure, the cuticles are removed with a pair of small scissors with rounded tips, or tweezers. Further, the feet are once again put in a bath for several minutes, completely dried and then covered with cream.

At the end of a classic pedicure procedure, the nails can be covered with polish, serving at first as a special base, then with a decorative polish of an appropriate color and an upper hardener.

After the carrying out of a classic pedicure procedure, our experts recommend you have a foot massage.

With us, your feet will always be well groomed and beautiful!

  • Prices: from 2000 rub
    The "Vigitalle" beauty salon (Metro Taganskaya (circle line), 6 B. Kamenshchiki ulitsa)

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