Hair extensions

Hair extensions


Hair extensions

A woman can have a huge amount of every kind of jewelry, made of expensive metals and stones, but her one true wealth has always been and will always remain her glamorous and healthy hair. Today it has become much easier to become the owner of luxurious, long hair. You can just get your hair extended in our beauty salon.

Hair extensions is a highly in-demand service in the hairdressing arts, which gives the ability to experiment with new haircuts and every different kind of look. This will allow your own hair to remain in absolute safety.
We help you create your own, unique style!

Negative factors, the environment, constant stress, or unfortunate haircuts are known to lead to hair not looking as great or vibrant as you want. And what's more, many members of the fairer sex have hair that grows very slowly. If you don't want to wait around and aspire to a speedy result, you should take advantage of our beauty salon's hair extension service. Believe it, after this professional procedure, your hair will be glamorous, and you personally will look simply irresistible.

We offer our clients hair extensions, with a full guarantee of absolute safety, and we affirm the quality of the technology we use. At the same time, this procedure allows you not only to change the length of your hair, but also the thickness.
The various technologies for hair extension give massive possibilities for the realization of all different kinds of designer solutions for your hairstyle. For example, you can achieve the effect of complex coloring, or original haircut. The most important thing is that is not to hurt your real hair during this process.

In our salon you can order hot (Italian capsule extensions), Japanese extensions, and also tape extensions.
Our specialists, who carry out this procedure have extensive work experience in this field and are highly qualified. They help you not only extend your hair, but also to make the difficult choice of extension color, and to create an individual color range from natural strands etc.

All of our services come with a guarantee.

Now, you can become the proud owner of luxurious, long hair without so much as lifting a finger!

  • Prices: from 15000 rub
    The "Vigitalle" beauty salon (Metro Taganskaya (circle line), 6 B. Kamenshchiki ulitsa)

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