Evening and wedding styles

Evening and wedding styles

 Evening and wedding styles
At any festivity, and even more so at weddings, every representative of the fairer sex dreams of looking breathtaking, which is why they always prepare for such an important event in advance. And first and foremost among those preparations is of course a beautiful hairstyle.
In our beauty salon you can take advantage of the service of creation of evening and wedding styles for short, medium-length and long hair. In creating festive hairstyles, our experts take into account the length and makeup of your hair, and also all of your wishes, outfit, etc.
We are confident that the evening hairstyle is a triumph of style and elegance- a combination of moderate fantasy and luxurious austerity. In choosing the method and type of hairstyle, one shouldn't forget that it should completely match the occasion, match with the outfit, and harmoniously blend with the whole image being created.

Evening and wedding hairstyles allow for things that aren't always appropriate to daytime styles- shine, the use of accessories, etc. All the same, for your hair to look truly luxurious, it must be worked on by a true professional. The experts working in our beauty salon are just the kind of professionals you need.
Our hairstylists will help you select a festive style, which brilliantly highlights all the subtleties of your face.
We pay special attention to wedding haircuts and styles. All the more so that the selection thereof directly depends on hair length, wedding dress, face shape, and overall appearance. With our help you will look truly gorgeous!
What kinds of evening and wedding styles are the most popular today?
Above all else are the eternal classics: nest-shaped hairstyles, decorated with flowers and bobby pins. This kind of style fits wonderfully with long or lengthened hair. If you've got a short haircut, then we can make you an original style with the use of special molding products.
In our beauty salon, you can get a beautiful hairstyle or cut in any fashion. We are confident that you will be satisfied and will definitely want to come see us again!

  • Prices: from 2500 rub
    The "Vigitalle" beauty salon (Metro Taganskaya (circle line), 6 B. Kamenshchiki ulitsa)

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