Chemical perming

Chemical perming


Wavy hair has always had a certain grace and romanticism to it. The fashion for curls has already lasted for so many seasons that it is not surprising that many members of the fairer sex dream of having them. The only thing that can scare girls away is the myth that a chemical perm can harm your hair. We assure you that "dangerous chemicals" are a thing of the past. Today, the beauty industry is actively growing and constantly coming out with new technologies that give the possibility for women to become proud owners of healthy, beautiful and shiny locks with no trouble at all!
The new generation of chemical perms, which we offer at our beauty salon are composed of healthy lipids and proteins. This gives the ability to strengthen the cell layers of your hair, regulate their moisture content, and control the elasticity and softness of your hair. At the same time, a chemical perm, professionally done by our experts, defends your hair from negative effects from the environment.

- Evolution
- Texturizer

In our salon, we have adopted Evolution technology,which acts very delicately on the structure of your hair for a chemical perm. The newest generation of neutral "chemicals" allows us to promise the most delicate action, and get more naturally beautiful locks out of any type of hair. The modern, patented Evolution system guarantees an especially resilient perm. Permanent curls can now be had even by women who have had coloring or highlighting done, or even those with badly damaged hair.
The Evolution chemical perm includes healing and moisturizing components, and also plant extracts, which effectively defend your hair and give it a healthy shine. In this, our experts choose for you the most appropriate type of perm, based on the structure and make-up of your hair.
An Evolution brand perm takes about two hours (depending on the length of your hair). The effect is usually preserved for a few months.

Texturizer — extended hair volume for a perfected, flexible style!
If you dream for your hair to have an original texture and splendor, and don't want to spend a lot of time on a beautiful hairstyle, then look no further than the Texturizer "resilient hairstyle" procedure. The results of this procedure can be compared to a chemical perm, while the effective and careful action is like a hair cream.
Texturizer is an effective and prolonged basis for a flexible hairstyle for a few weeks (from 5 to 8). The most important distinction of this method from a chemical perm its very delicate composition, which acts on the hair structure in the most forgiving way possible.
Our highly qualified specialists don't only apply "chemicals," but also place a high value on the composition of your hair, recommend an appropriate product, and offer options for possible haircuts and styles.

  • Prices: from 3180 rub
    The "Vigitalle" beauty salon (Metro Taganskaya (circle line), 6 B. Kamenshchiki ulitsa)

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